How to Upgrade a PC to Microsoft Windows 10, Step by Step Instructions

How to Upgrade a PC to Microsoft Windows 10, Step by Step Instructions

Windows 10Doug Olenick
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Windows 10
The Windows 10 desktop.

So the day is finally here. Microsoft today launched Windows 10 giving the millions of people who own Windows 7 and 8 computers a chance to obtain for free to the company’s latest operating system.

Now the questions that remain are: should I upgrade to Windows 10, should I not to upgrade to Windows 10 and if I want it how do I, a tech novice handle the job?

To help all those considering taking this step Acer has kindly loaned out an Aspire V3 laptop running Windows 8.1 so it could be updated on the day of the launch.

win Acer
The reason that the decision to take the plunge and swap operating systems is more difficult with Windows 10, is that Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free to anyone owning a computer currently running Windows 7 or 8. In the past the company always charged a fee, generally around $100, for its latest operating system. That alone, along with the complexity of personally handling the upgrade, scared off many people and they simply stuck with the software that came with their computer.

However, with Win 10 being a freebie more people will seriously consider making the change even if they are not particularly tech savvy. The good news is the upgrade process is painless and can be completed by even a computer novice.b55c9-time2bto2bupgrade

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