Every Albertan should read this!


I don’t do this often, but there’s a column I think every Albertan needs to see.

Independent researcher Vivian Krause has written a piece exposing the foreign-funded campaign to landlock Alberta’s oil – including raising serious questions about Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP:

‘Rachel Notley, the Rockefellers and Alberta’s landlocked oil: Rockefeller-supported groups are helping defeat the UCP, the only party in the Alberta election committed to breaking the U.S. monopoly on Alberta’s overseas oil exports’


This is what the real question in this election is about.

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The World needs more Canadian Oil

The world needs more Canadian oil. Here are ten awesome reasons why.

  1. Global oil demand is increasing and is expected to reach 100 million barrels a day by 2021. Demand isn’t expected to even peak for several more decades.
  2. According to Greenpeace International’s 2014 annual report this stunt driven lobby group has an annual budget of more than $400,000,000 CAD and only has 6 offices in the world’s top 10 oil reserve countries. 4 in Canada and 2 in Russia. These top 10 countries account for more than 80% of global oil reserves.
  3. Canada produces less than 5% of world oil and is the only top oil producing nation that doesn’t have global free trade access to sell its oil globally using oil tankers. Approximately 99% of Canada’s oil is sold to the USA due to lack of pipelines and tanker export terminals. Every day tens of millions of barrels of oil is transported by oil tanker from countries like the USA, Norway, the U.K., Venezuela, Mexico, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Kuwait, Nigeria, Libya, Ecuador, Brazil and more (but not Canada).
  4. Every new barrel of oil production that doesn’t come from Canada is replaced elsewhere. By 2030 Wood Mackenzie predicts the world will need 30,000,000 barrels of new supply not currently producing, just to meet the depletion of existing production, before any new demand is factored in.
  5. Canada is the best ranked top 10 oil reserve country for measures of transparency, democracy, social progress, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, equality, climate change regulations, environmental innovation and environmental leadership.
  6. Canada is the only major oil supplier to the USA with climate regulations on oil production, Canada has been a world leader in this regard since 2008. The USA imports about 2 million barrels a day of heavy oil from other countries like Venezuela and Equador that Keystone XL could have helped replace.
  7. Of the world’s top 15 oil producers only Canada, Norway and the USA are considered “free” by the NGO Freedom House.
  8. Canada imports more than 500,000 barrels of oil each day, costing over $100 billion since 2012. The groups opposing Canadian pipelines and free trade have never opposed these oil imports from foreign countries. Many of whom have inferior standards for environmental protection and no climate change regulations.
  9. Canada is the best ranked top 10 oil reserve country for renewable energy investment and production, showing continued global leadership. Canada was ranked 7th in the world for renewable investment in 2013, one spot behind Germany and one spot ahead of India in 2013 and 2014. Canada leads the G-20 in electricity generated from zero emission sources such as hydro, wind and nuclear.
  10. Canada has the highest quality of life among the world’s top 10 oil reserve countries counting 3 of the world’s 5 most liveable cities according to The Economist. Our oil reserves are ranked 3rd in the world and contribute a massive amount of funding to our social services in Canada and employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians across the direct, indirect and induced supply chain.

Click here to check out the live article on the BOE Report.

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Canada Action

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The Truth About Alberta’s Energy Industry‏

Recently a 2015 post penned by Hanna, AB resident Randy Pompetti came to my attention. The piece, The Truth About Alberta’s Energy Industry, is full of information that is more important to reflect on now than ever.

The Truth About Alberta’s Energy Industry

My fellow Canadians, you are buying into a lie regarding our energy industry and the global environment. We are a mere 35 million people, just 0.5% of this planet’s 7.3 billion population. Our country covers roughly 10 million square kilometres of which probably 90% is realistically uninhabitable (explaining why over 80% of our population live in urban centres within 200 kms of the U.S. border)

We endure temperature extremes ranging from -40C or colder to 35C or warmer. Out of necessity we need to heat our homes for 6+ months the year. We face major transportation challenges simply because of the geography of our country. Yet, through all this we are responsible for less than 0.5% of the pollution generated globally.

We ARE NOT the problem! If every one of us here in Canada chose to sacrifice ourselves for the betterment of mother earth and self-terminated, the positive effect on the global environment would be…..drum roll please……zero!

The global effect would actually be negative because we are one of the most ethical, environmentally responsible producers of energy in the world! If we were out of the picture the U.S. would be mining our oil sands before our corpses had even started giving off methane gas. They would then proceed to build the biggest pipeline imaginable, from Fort Mac to Texas.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at some facts. The U.S. has no problem with pipelines; U.S. pipelines that is. They actually have over 3.2 ‘million’ kilometres of liquid petroleum and natural gas pipelines already. There’s also the 1300 kilometre, 122cm (48 inch) line running from Prudhoe Bay to the Valdez Marine Terminal (yes, big bad oil tankers). You are aware, aren’t you, of the Trans Alaskan pipeline running directly through the pristine heart of that beautiful state?

As of 2010 16 ‘BILLION’ Barrels of oil had been transported through this U.S. pipeline and terminal. The U.S. also has no problem drilling for oil in the Atlantic ocean, the Pacific ocean, the Arctic ocean or the Gulf of Mexico yet they have the audacity to condemn Canada for mining our oil sands in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan?

The opposition to our Canadian energy development is a well-organized attempt to keep our Canadian oil land locked so that we are forced to sell to the U.S. and to the U.S. only and then at a very discounted price. The U.S. is attempting and succeeding in preventing us from marketing our own natural resources globally to the highest bidder. U.S. foundations (HP, Tides – THE ROCKEFELLERS – et al) are funding the opposition to our oil sands and contrary to popular belief it has absolutely nothing to do with threats to the environment.

If they really were that concerned about our planet why are they not protesting the real polluters, the real threats to our environment? China, the world’s worst polluter (besides having a tragic human rights record)? No protests.

Why isn’t David Suzuki over in Beijing chastising Jinping? What about the other major polluters? Russia? The U.S. themselves? India? I can understand a Canadian that is benefiting financially, who is receiving grants to oppose or protest or hamstring our own resource development. What I can’t understand is the rest of my fellow Canadians buying into their bovine excrement.

In the oil sands, our very own Canadian oil sands, we have the 3rd largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia and Venezuela – again, both with ‘stellar’ human and women’s rights track records. EVERY person in Canada, and EVERY province and territory in Canada has benefited tremendously, whether directly, indirectly or both from our oil sands development.

Over the next 25 years the oil sands has the potential to generate over $1.5 TRILLION in federal and provincial taxes and royalties. Of course Quebec will need their share – but, oh yeah, they don’t want a pipeline either! There is the potential for well over 500,000 direct and indirect jobs.

So here’s the deal my fellow Canadians. I fear our Canadian ‘goose that lays the golden egg’ is suffering the death by a thousand cuts. Alas, it may already be too late. Maybe it’s already on life support. If you share the views of the Gore’s, the Suzuki’s, and the Obama’s of the world, that our Canadian energy producers and those that work in this industry are bad and evil and a scourge on the Earth, a blight on Canada’s reputation in the global community then fine, stick your fork into the goose as well but please do not whine and complain 10 or 15 years down the road when the wait time for your hip replacement is 3-5 years because our health care system is underfunded and there’s a severe shortage of doctors and nurses in the system. Meanwhile, the Suzukis and their ilk will be flying down to the Mayo clinic in a big bad fossil fuel burning jet for their medical needs.

Don’t whine and complain when your grandchild’s class has a 50:1 student to teacher ratio because our education system is underfunded and the government coffers are bare. Of course the Suzuki grandchildren will be in private schools so no problem there.

Don’t whine and complain when your city’s infrastructure is decaying and falling apart and there’s no money to repair it. Instead of whining and complaining make sure you look into the mirror and realize you believed a lie that has cost this incredible country and our future generations an amazing opportunity to prosper and succeed globally. If the arguments here ring true for you as well, then please consider circulating this to others.

We need to stand together as Canadians and defend our world-leading environmental record, as well as continuing to advocate for market access in order to stop the export of Canadian opportunity.




Canada Action

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McAfee vs. Norton vs. Bitdefender: Who Tops the Charts?

McAfee vs. Norton vs. Bitdefender: Who Tops the Charts?

From shopping online to casual browsing, without a good antivirus, your personal information is ripe for the picking. Fortunately, the right software will keep you safe while surfing the web.
Wondering how to choose the best antivirus software that has what you need, knows what to do (even when you don’t) and works like a dream? Check out this 3-way comparison between Norton, McAfee and Bitdefender.

November 2015


Bitdefender has high marks, featuring good scan time with virtually no lag and above the average protection against viruses and malware. Norton runs the risk of slowing down your computer during scans but eliminates deeply embedded crimeware that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect. McAfee takes the cake as the industry leader with the shortest scan time and best protection even against the newest threats. McAfee does all this without slowing down your computer. Winner: McAfee

image description

Ease of Use:

Bitdefender is easy to use, providing a 1-click setup, remote controlling, quick widgets, one email address to control everything and an easy to operate rescue mode. Norton offers an instant download for immediate protection and easy to use web portal for maintenance and updates. Likewise, McAfee offers an intuitive setup for each of your devices, and, best of all, you can activate McAfee on all of your devices and control them from one screen. Winner: McAfee


Norton offers a mobile app scanning and device locator, though it’s missing an auto backup, gaming mode and parental control features. McAfee will delete files permanently and offers mobile users data backup, WiFi protection, remote lock, wipe, and anti-theft. Bitdefender is the clear winner, though, with a laundry list of impressive features. Some of the best include cloud anti-spam, IM protection, virtual keyboard, and USB drive protection. Winner: Bitdefender

image description

System Repair and Cleaning:

While all three companies do well in protecting against viruses, some do better than others at cleaning up devices that have been attacked. McAfee is notorious for struggling with infected machines, with Bitdefender doing a much better job of it. Best of all, though, is Norton, receiving the highest scores of all three in systems repair, blowing the competition out of the water. Winner: Norton


Norton seems like a good deal at $44.99 for five devices and $59.99 for 10 devices, but let’s take a closer look. Bitdefender costs $59.95 for three devices, while McAfee allows unlimited devices for $59.99 and lots of features, making it the best value for money. McAfee has also been known to offer special deals and promotions, further lowering their price and increasing their value. Winner: McAfee


Norton provides phone and live chat support, and features helpful Q&A on their site. McAfee offers similar support options, but you’ll need to pay extra for advanced tech support. Bitdefender’s support center is by far the most comprehensive, featuring all of the above as well as superb email support and their “Virus Encyclopedia”, pushing them ahead of the competition. Winner: Bitdefender

Bottom Line:

While Bitdefender wins top marks for support and features, and Norton wins when it comes to system repair, neither can compete with McAfee’s performance, ease of use, and value, which are three of the most important elements in choosing antivirus software. Visit McAfee>>

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Easy Fixes for Computer Keyboards

Even for the technology impaired, problems with your keyboard can often be repaired at home. The following tips will help you with common issues like dirty keys, network connections and even spilled drinks.

Easy Fixes for Computer Keyboards

My keyboard is not responding

Test and fix your connections

If selected keys don’t work, a quick connection check may resolve the issue.

  • If you have access to another computer, borrow its keyboard and connect it to your machine. If the new keyboard works, you know that your original keyboard, or its connection, is to blame.
  • Reconnect your original keyboard using a different USB port on your computer. Reboot the computer and try again.
  • Wireless keyboards use a lot of power. Try replacing the batteries in the keyboard before rebooting. Make sure that the wireless keyboard is “linked” to your computer via Bluetooth — your computer will prompt you to set up this link on startup.

If whole blocks of keys don’t work, the keyboard probably has an electronic fault that will need professional attention. If no keys work, check your keyboard’s connections.

My keyboard is filthy

Keep it in top condition with a few cleaning tips

Dirty keyboards and sticky keys not only affect your productivity, they’re a health hazard too, harbouring harmful bacteria.

  • Turn the keyboard upside down and give it a few taps to shake out any loose dust and dirt, then use a small vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment to suck out debris from between the keys.
  • Use a wet wipe to remove everyday grease from the keys.
  • For congealed dirt, remove the key caps by gently prying them off with a small, flat-bladed screwdriver. Take a photo of your keyboard first so that you can know where to replace them. Soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and wipe away any residue beneath and around the key caps before snapping them back into place.

Tools of the trade

Isopropyl alcohol, also called IPA or rubbing alcohol, is an ideal cleaning agent for electronic devices. It lifts grease and glue with ease, and evaporates quickly.You can buy it at any drugstore or computer store.

I’ve spilled coffee on my keyboard

Act quickly and rinse away the problem

  • Immediately shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard. Run cold water from a tap over the keyboard to remove as much of the coffee (or other spilled drink) as possible.
  • Shake off the water, turn the keyboard upside down and place it on a towel.
  • If all else fails, place the keyboard on its own, facedown, in the top tray of a dishwasher. Run a short cleaning cycle with no detergent and allow the keyboard to dry thoroughly.

If the drink has spilled onto a laptop, be sure to follow your computer’s specific instructions for cleaning and repair. Consult a professional if the damage is extensive.

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True LeaderShip

“A wolf pack: the first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack. If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack. In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed. Then come 5 strong ones, the front line. In the center are the rest of the pack members, then the 5 strongest following. Last is alone, the alpha. He controls everything from the rear. In that position he can see everything, decide the direction. He sees all of the pack. The pack moves according to the elders pace and help each other, watch each other.” Cesare Brai’s photo show less

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Save Yourself From A Disastrous Windows 10 Upgrade

As many of you probably already know, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users are capable of getting the new Windows 10 Upgrade for free. If you’ve already clicked the tiny Microsoft logo down in your system tray and reserved your free upgrade, you can patiently wait for it, or you can download the media creation tool now and upgrade to Windows 10 today. But what happens if the upgrade does not go well? Are you prepared for the worst?

Windows 10

Windows 10 System Requirements

You should first make sure your computer is capable of upgrading to Windows 10. If your PC is running Windows 8.1 already, chances are you should have no problem. Here are the official system requirements for Windows 10:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS
Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display: 800×600

You can find your system specs by going to the Start button and typing msinfo32.exe into the search box.

Image Your Computer Prior To Upgrading To Windows 10

You should consider creating an image of your Windows 7 or Windows 8 install prior to performing the upgrading to Windows 10. An image is a snapshot of your entire disk that can be used as a path to salvation should you decide you do not like Windows 10 or if Windows 10 breaks your computer. There are easy to use programs out there such as CloneZilla and Macrium Reflect Free that make imaging easy.

You can also take this opportunity to upgrade to a Solid State Hard Drive. SSDs have come down in price and is an affordable way to super-charge your computer. If you decide to go this route, use either CloneZilla or Macrium Reflect Free to create a clone of your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine. A clone is an exact duplicate of your partition. Next, remove the old spinning hard drive and insert the SSD. You can now perform the upgrade on the SSD and have a safe copy of your old install on the spinning drive. Here is our recommended SSD and here is a handy Hard Drive Adapter Cable to make cloning or imaging easy.

Run Windows Update

You may immediately find some things are not working when Windows 10 loads for the first time. Maybe the graphics are off or maybe your printer no longer prints. The first thing you should do after upgrading to Windows 10 is run Windows update. This will pull down any new Windows 10 drivers your computer may be missing. To run Windows Update from Windows 10, go to the search box near the Start button and type Windows Update.

Perform A Clean Install Of Windows 10

reset Windows 10

To reset your Windows 10 PC and wipe everything, open the Settings app, select Update & security, select Recovery. Next, click the “Get started” button under Reset this PC.

reinstall windows 10

Select “Remove everything,” and this will wipe all your files. Before doing this, make sure you have backed up all of your personal files–pictures, music, documents, etc.

Revert Back To Your Previous Version Of  Windows

If you created a disk image or cloned your old hard drive prior to upgrading to Windows 10, you can go back to your previous version by re-imaging your computer or by putting your old hard drive back in.

Hopefully, your Windows 10 upgrade went smoothly. If you have any questions or problems, please join our free computer repair forums and ask your question in our Windows 10 forum.

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A look at the security of Wi-Fi on a plane


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5 Ways to Make your Website more Secure from Hackers

Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world. The internet is rife with hackers, fraud, and danger all around. It’s a maelstrom out there.  Most sites are subjected to brute force attacks with password guessing on a regular basis.  Many get hacked into and then injected with malware causing the site not to function well and to get blacklisted from Google. Sometimes all this is happening on hidden pages or code, and it is hard for site owners to even notice their site has been compromised. To help prevent this, you need make your website more secure.  Here are a few ways toward greater security.

1. Change the ftp and Cpanel passwords regularly.
2. Remove the admin user from WordPress sites or default user from other CMS sites. That way the hackers have to guess the user and the password. Before you remove the admin user, you’ll have to create a new user with administrator rights and a strong password.  Write this down and never lose it.
3. Use plugins like Securi and log the log in attempts to your site.  You’ll be astonished at how often someone or some bot tries to log in.  You’ll see the need to secure your website.
4. Backup your site regularly, both the files and the database.
5. Use strong passwords that are long, a mixture of numbers, letters, special characters, and upper case.

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Keep your Computer Running Smoothly

Slow, freezing computers is a regular complaint we hear about when client’s call in to book service calls. While we are more than happy to have one of our Microsoft Certified technicians look at your computer and clean it up, there are some things you can do both inside and out between service calls to make sure your PC is running as best as it can.
Wikihow – Keep your Computer Running Smoothly

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