Is Your iMac Hard Drive Failing?

Chances are if you have an Late 2012 iMac or older then your hard drive is failing, or is about to fail.

Why do we say this?

Hard Drives have a life span of 3-4years before bad sectors start to show up, bad sectors turn into lost files, which turn into corrupt partitions, and eventually a fully failed hard drive.

Last week, we had two iMac Late 2009 models that were running slower than normal, both customers had upgraded the RAM themselves thinking that was the problem, which it wasn’t. The reason your iMac slows down, rather than the typical Windows computer crashing is Apples HFS file system is much more efficient in managing bad sectors, and repairing corrupt files. This is why your iMac slows down, your hard drive is trying to do to much at once and it can’t.

How to check your iMac hard drive for errors:

1. Turn on your iMac

2. Open Finder and select Applications

3. Browse to Utilities and double-click Disk Utility

4. In the left pane you should see Macintosh HD in the list, select this drive

5. On the right side of the disk utility window you should see a Verify Disk button, click it

The Disk Utility will scan your hard drive for any issues, it will report any errors here as well, and direct you how to repair them. If you do see errors, and there is less than a few you should be able to repair them by select Repair Disk. Using this method will only buy you time, if errors are listed, you are only buying time and we highly recommend creating a time machine backup to ensure you do not loose any information.

failing hard drive

I See Errors in the Disk Utility What Do I Do?

As mentioned above, back up your hard drive sooner than later and plan to replace it. The keyword here is PLAN you now have time to bring your computer into an Apple repair shop to get properly diagnosed. Most repair centres can provide you with a quote to replace the hard drive within a couple hours.

Why repair and not replace?

We’ll its simple, your iMac is still good, unless you create movies, or edit photographs your iMac does everything you need it to. A hard drive replacement should only cost between $200 and $400 depending on the type of Hard Drive you choose. We here at JH Computer Solutions Inc. like to recommend a Solid State Drive which are extremely fast and reliable when compared to the typical hard drive. Replacing your iMac can be expensive, most iMacs today can cost upwards of $1500 just like your current iMac, they will do everything you’ll want it to do.

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