iPad Virus and Hijacking, Things You Need To Know #Calgary

I remember 20 years ago, the old IBM Aptiva with a 486 processor was the fastest computer out there, until it was infected with the AntiCMOS.a virus which ran a boot code and wiped out your CMOS, killing your computer.

Fast forward 20 years, and we have iPads, iPhones, eBook readers and the truly digital world of advertising. We now have no types of infections called adware and malware. Most of the time malware hides on your computer and collects your information, while adware pushes ad’s to you to increase add revenue for some third parties. Using an iPad or iPhone to browse the internet used to be a safe way to steer clear of these infections.

90% of our customers have at least 2 – 3 iPhones and iPads in their homes, and people who create this malware and adware are beginning to develop new forms of infections for these devices. Which leads me to introduce you to: iPad Browser Hijacking and How to Remove This iPad Infection

How to Tell if Your iPad has been Hijacked:

If your iPad is infected with a hijacker and you open Safari you will be quickly prompted with a pop up dialog asking you to pay a ransom to get your browser back. You can click close, or close your browser as many times as you want but this hijack will still be there when you reopen Safari.

How to Remove This iPad Virus

Removing this pop up dialogue is fairly simple.

1. Press the Home button on your iPad

2. Open you Settings application

3. Under the General section, turn on Airplane Mode, this mode will disable your wireless and cellular connection

4. Press the Home button, and open Safari

5. Safari will try to load the last page that was open, in our case it was the iPad virus, because there is no internet connection the page won’t load. Now all you have to do is browse to another website like google.ca, rmcr.ca or select a website from your bookmarks. Let the page try to load, you will see a message informing you that your internet connection is bad.

6. Press the Home button once more, and open your Settings application

7. Under the General section, turn off Airplane Mode, this will re-enable your wireless and cellular connections.

8. Press the Home button, and open up Safari, you should now be able to browse the internet hassle free once more.

Should I Scan My iPad For Viruses?

No, as long as your iPad is not jail broken this is not necessary. The reason for this is Apple only allows you to download programs through the App Store, this is a controlled environment and is also virus free. The iPad and iPhones are designed and built to only accept and run applications from the App Store.

I Need More Help

Worse case scenario we recommending bring in your device for a free consultation, if the above steps didn’t do the trick, or if this is constantly occurring this might be a bigger issue. JH Computer Solutions Inc. offers iPhone and iPad support and repairs to Calgary and area. You can contact us by phone: 403-875-7352  WWW.JHComputerSolutionsinc.com

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  1. Donovon says:

    Thanks for these steps. Worked for me. Many thanks!


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