How to Handle Liquid Damage on a MacBook Pro

It doesn’t matter what you spill tea, coffee, soda, or just plain water on your Macbook Pro the end result is the same. Most people give the Macbook a shake, set it on its side and watch the liquid slowly drain, and then start using their Macbook the next day.

That is the wrong way to handle the situation, and will most likely only buy you time till imminent failure occurs.

Here is what to do in the event you accidentally spill something on your Macbook:

Step 1: Turn off your Macbook by holding the power button down for several seconds

Step 2: Grab some paper towels, we prefer Bounty, as it is thick and absorbent. You will also want to grab a small Phillips screwdriver ( the “+” one)

Step 3: Turn your Macbook upside down and remove the 10 screws from the bottom, as show in the image here


Step 4: Once the screws are removed, you should be able to remove the back cover by grabbing an edge and just pulling up, you may have to tug on it a bit as it has been screwed down for a while.

Step 5: Dry off the underside of the Macbooks Bottom case with your preferred paper towel, and gently pat down any excess water on the Logic Board, Battery and Optical Drive.

We highly recommend disconnecting the battery, as you don’t want any current running through the logic board so the liquid doesn’t short anything out.  Note: Electrical shorts and corrosion is what will kill the Macbook after liquid damage.

Step 6: With the cover off, and any noticeable liquid absorbed by your ultra absorbent paper towels, you’ll see a larger black connected just below the battery. See the image below for what exactly you are looking for. This is the battery connector, and it just pulls straight up.


Step 7: Remove your hard drive, this can be done by removing the two screws circled below and pulling up on the little black strip depicted by the arrow below.


Lean the hard drive on the side, and remove any liquid underneath and on the bottom of the drive with your preferred paper towel.

Step 8: Wait 48 hours, it seems like forever but it really isn’t, in 48hrs the rest of the liquid should be evaporated, now just follow the steps in reverse to reassemble.

Most of the time, following these steps will work, and you should be able to use your Macbook without any problems, however depending on the liquid e.g. soda pop, you may have some sugar buildup underneath the logic board, or keyboard, which may or may not affect your Macbook.

As always, it is recommended to bring your Macbook into your local mac dealer to give it a good once over, and to ensure nothing else was further damaged.

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