PC & MAC Repair …we come to you.

Virus Removal  – File Recovery – …and more!
We come armed with all equipment needed to repair any computer related issue directly at your home or office.

One Rate. Many Services  www.jhcomputersolutionsinc.com

We are a team of highly trained, very professional PC and Mac technicians that do house calls.
We get the job done fast and efficiently.
There is no need to pack up your computer, take it across town and leave it in a repair shop for a few days. Just pick an available time on our calendar that suits your schedule and we will come to you.

Virus Removal:

We remove Malware, Spyware, Ransomware and Adware without reinstalling Windows or losing any of your precious data.   Our Virus Sweep procedure consists of the following: – Deep Virus, Malware, Adware and Ransomware scans running our custom tools with robust systems that clean deep into your computers registry. – Comprehensive cleaning of your computer from unwanted/un-needed temporary files, freeing up space on your HDD. – Internal computer cleaning to clear the ventilation system, fans and passageways of dust in your machine. This will prevent hardware damage due to overheating and sensitive circuits. – Re-Optimization (tune-up) of your computer for performance, so you get the most out of your machine once again.

OS Installs and Repair:

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and all Mac OSX operating systems. We can also downgrade any computer from Windows 8 back to our preference OS Windows 7! You will never loose any files when we reinstall an OS.


Router Configuration, Wifi, Wireless security, LAN, WAN, VPN

Hardware Repair:

Spills, Broken Screens, Over-heating and all other computer related hardware. If your System will not boot, freezes or has blue screens, we can repair this immediately onsite without reinstalling windows.

Data Recovery:

We Recover Deleted Files, Formatted HDD’s, Broken HDD’s usually right on site within your home or office. By more severe cases, we recover your files overnight within 24 hours.

Computer Sales:

Custom built computers to suit your budget and requirements. Save money and get the ideal computer for you. Custom configured and tuned for how you will use it. We personally deliver these to your home and set them up on your network. Full package at half the cost.

We repair all computer related issues.


We accept Cash, Cheques, Credit Cards and …but only after the work is done and you are fully satisfied.

At the end of each appointment you will be asked to test your system to make sure everything is working better than ever. Let us know our tech know if something was left unresolved, and it will be taken care of before payment is made.





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